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agility, confidence to use our web services Better than that We have many other games that are ready for you to play. Come to experience our website at all times and today we have a good game for you. As an alternative to the online casino In order to play the game The game that we want to present today is High and low play
To play high low
A set of dice playing equipment, consisting of 3 balls, a saucer with a cup for covering the dice, and a sign or scorch paper for betting. There are only 3 boxes which are marked for high, low and low bets.
How to play

The organizer of the play (the dealer) will place the dice on a saucer. Then shake the cover cup gently enough for the ball to flip, may open the lid to see the dice, is a temptation, players will stab the total points of all 3 dice by stabbing into the label or paper for stab.

If stab 3 – 10 points, called Low bet, if betting 11 points, is called High Low. If betting 12 – 18 is called high bet. If high bet or low bet is right The dealer will pay one time. And if betting on the high low The dealer will pay five times as much.
Playing the Koi

dafabetEquipment for playing coins, coins, baht coins, or other objects
How to play

Risk finding players first Or as agreed By bringing the coins into the midfield (Gambling) Before the risk, players will guess that The coin or coin that was issued would be heads or tails. When shaking in the palm of a hand or using a container If the result is determined,

then the coin will be awarded or the agreed amount of shaking will continue to shake until all of the people, if there is still a pot of money, will start to shake until the pot of the money is exhausted. Without the need for an organizer to play (Dealer) trickiness

There may be a new person. Use two coins to shake or toss. Can be paid to one of the correct customers.

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